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Frustrated to Fullfilled in Your 40s + 50s Workshop

Discover the 3  simple steps to go from feeling  irritated, exhausted, and unmotivated,  to feeling cool, calm,  and confident. Listen to it in podcast form while out for a walk, driving in the car, or lounging on the couch!

Peaceful Perimenopause

I had so much fun talking all things perimenopause with Kim Lloyd. We covered A LOT of ground in under an hour! Be sure to check out her podcast Start Where You Are and have a listen! 

Beautiful + Messy Midlife Facebook Group

Join me and other like-minded women as we navigate this phase of our lives together. We are a welcoming community want to move the midlife conversation forward.

Navigating Perimenopause With Ease

In this episode of the Mainely Wellness Podcast, I chat with Kirsten about  perimenopause. We discuss the symptoms of Perimenopause; how sleep, nutrition, and exercise play a role in managing hormones; the common changes in pelvic health; and ways to support your system.