Small changes for BIG results. Designed for midlife.

Here's a glimpse into your future...

- Tackle stress with ease
- Fall asleep, stay asleep + wake up recharged
- Eat foods to fuel + energize without the mid-day crash
- Look forward to moving your body every day

Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong. It is absolutely possible to feel better than you have in years!

Kickstart Your Energy is the answer to start feeling like yourself again.

4 Simple Steps

By addressing one step per week, you will have a solid foundation for more energy for your life in just one month!

Four, 10-minute video lessons.

Comprehensive digital workbook to support each lesson.

A 60-minute strategy call for your ongoing success.

Tools + Resources for sleeping, eating + moving well.

Course Curriculum

Allison Poole

"It has been a great start to thinking about the little things that can be done daily that add up to feeling better overall."

Delaine B.
"My energy is much more stable, I'm eating more delicious foods. I don't crash like I used to and my whole approach to moving my body is different."
Mary Q.
"I thoroughly enjoyed this program! It is such a great format with short videos and meaningful homework. It has helped both my mental and physical self."
Amanda M.

Small changes for BIG results. Designed for midlife.

The first steps to feeling better start with making small, everyday changes to create a big shift in your energy and overall well-being.



Four weeks of simple strategies to get you moving forward on your journey to feeling like yourself again.