About Me

Hi, I’m Allison!  

 As a career-driven woman in your 40’s and 50’s you might be wondering “WTF is going on with me?!” You’re foggy, moody, and weepy, your waistline is expanding and you’re completely overwhelmed with trying to balance your home and work life.    

You might worry that this is the “new normal” and that the changes that come with this phase, perimenopause, are something to fix or fight…but you simply lack the energy and motivation to do something about it.    

I get it, because I’ve been there too!    

Not too long ago, I was growing my pelvic health practice, raising my son, and supporting my husband’s career. I was working nonstop, and when I wasn’t working, all I had the bandwidth for was watching Netflix with a glass of wine…preferably not talking to anyone.    

Then I began to experience intense night sweats, I was irritable and had raging PMS not once a month…but twice!    

This was so confusing because I was
- Eating well Meditating
- Taking a cocktail of supplements
- Dragging myself out of bed to exercise
- Going to acupuncture every week    

I was doing all the things I knew to do…yet I was feeling worse.    

When I finally went to my doctor, all she could tell me was, “It’s perimenopause- welcome to the club!”    

That was it.  

I left that visit without any direction on what I could do -I was barely 40…did I have to suffer and just wait it out?! Was this normal?

 After months of trying to figure it out on my own, it finally hit me as I was watching the umpteenth training on hormone health when a dear mentor of mine said “It’s time to do your life laundry.” I was doing all the things…and in turn, my body was screaming for me to stop, to slow down– spend more time with family and time in nature.  

I don’t have to tell you that slowing down and not ‘DO-ing” is realllly hard.  

It wasn’t until I realized I could no longer do it all by myself that things began to truly shift. When I got support, my symptoms resolved and I was able to truly slow down and trust in myself. My days are more spacious and relaxed (on most days) I am able to:  
- Wake up rested and enjoy my cup of coffee without feeling rushed or always behind
- Take a daily walk in the woods with my dog, even on busy workdays
- Be more playful and energized on the weekends for a family hike or a night out with friends
…All as I navigate the natural hormonal shift of perimenopause.  

"Sounds pretty great, right?"  

You can find peace in this stage of your life just like I did -- ESPECIALLY if you've got a "self-care to-do list" similar to mine and you feel MORE stressed about taking care of yourself than you know you should…

 Because if you’ve landed here, I can guess you might be super frustrated and confused. Like I did, you might be asking yourself ‘What am I missing? What am I not doing right?”  

It’s not your fault.

The problem is -- you're operating in a health and wellness model that preaches that you must do all you can to STOP this so you can keep operating at the highest level at home, work, and with yourself.

  We live in a world that preaches that when you get old, things dry up and fall off and you're no longer valuable....and you're starting to feel like if you can't keep up with your old self, this is what will happen to you, too    

But that couldn't be further from the truth.    

The truth is as women, our hormones are constantly in flux and during immense shifts, as with perimenopause, it can feel more out of control and unpredictable.    

But this shift is an integral part of who you are as a woman.    

And you're trying so hard to stop a train that can't be stopped, denying this beautiful part of your design.    

No wonder you feel so tired!    

This is exactly why I developed my Power in the PAUSE Method.

This phase of life is an opportunity to go from trying to control your body to working with your changing hormones and unlocking just how powerful you really are.

It’s a chance to embrace your life with more vitality, freedom, and joy so you can:

- Get that promotion and still show up to shamelessly cheer on your kids from the sidelines.
- Feel good in your body and enjoy sex with your partner again (instead of dreading it)
- Workout consistently, read a book for fun (imagine that!), and still have energy to grab drinks with your girlfriends on a Wednesday night

That is exactly what I help my clients achieve within my coaching programs, and I’d love to help you too.

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