About Me!

Hi, I’m Allison Poole. I help women in their 40’s and 50’s learn to appreciate and work with (not against) their changing bodies for optimal health now and for decades to come.

When I began struggling with symptoms of perimenopause, I had no idea what was going on with my body (I literally thought I was dying). Despite my doctor putting it on my radar, she didn’t offer any support or solutions that might help. I wasn’t about to just power through and accept that night sweats and endless PMS were my “new normal.” That’s when I became obsessed with this change that every woman will go through, yet no one is talking about...and now frankly, won’t shut up about!

When I’m not talking about perimenopause, I’m talking about pee, poop, and sex in my private pelvic floor physical therapy practice, Koru Physical Therapy and Wellness in Portland, Maine, cheering on my son at the baseball field or on an adventure with my family.