go from stuck + overwhelmed

to feeling like yourself again

in just 6 weeks

Learn how to transition through midlife without
restrictive eating, unsustainable exercise routines, or expensive supplements

Ready to Hit the Reset Button on Your Health?

the problem

Are you struggling with feeling exhausted, moody, feeling out of control, and noticing changes in your body? If you’re like many women I work with, these changes came out of left field and you feel completely unprepared to deal with them. 

While nothing in your daily life has changed much, things that used to work (eat less, exercise more, push harder) aren’t working anymore. Maybe you’ve been researching supplements and special diets, but you are at a loss of where to start and what to do. 

If you’re a woman in your 40’s, it could be perimenopause; a normal transition that the body goes through...that no one is talking about. 

And I'm here to change that.

I’ve been there too.

When I began experiencing night sweats, mood swings, and two periods per month, I was confused and overwhelmed with what was going on with my body. I wasn’t even 40 yet- I literally thought I was dying. I just wanted to feel like myself again but nothing I did seemed to help. 

My doctor suggested perimenopause...but that was it. No guidance on what I could do to feel better. That’s when I became obsessed with perimenopause and received my certification in coaching women (and myself) through this normal phase of life.

This is a unique phase in a woman’s life. 

If you’re like many of the women I work with, you are at the peak of your career, you have kids that still need you, you have aging parents. You’re trying to nurture your marriage and friendships, while also doing literally everything else. 

On top of that, your hormones are in flux. Your periods are wonky, sleep is now something of an enigma and you feel like your mood can turn on a dime. Things you used to get away with (skipping meals, a few cocktails in the evening and just powering through) aren’t working…

It's Not Your Fault.

No one has explained what is actually happening within your body as it transitions from the reproductive years to menopause or how to best work with your body and mind now and for decades to come. 

Let's face it, no one is even talking about perimenopause to begin with, let alone what you can do about it. So like many women, maybe you research online, looking for the magic bullet: the right supplements, the perfect diet, the best exercise plan.  

But it’s overwhelming. What if it doesn’t work? What if you can’t stick to the plan? How are you going to be able to implement anything on top of everything and everyone else that needs your attention? 

What if I told you there’s an easier, better way?


Imagine feeling like yourself again 

...without restrictive eating, unsustainable exercise routines, or expensive supplements

here's a glimpse into your future...

  • Tackle stress with ease
  • Fall asleep, stay asleep, + wake up recharged
  • Approach food + exercise in a way that supports your hormone health
  • Consider your future in a whole new light

Not only is all of this possible, I’ve created the solution to help get you there with ease.


A complete transformational process that will take you from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to feeling like yourself again!

Peaceful Perimenopause is everything you need to:

  • Understand exactly what is going on with your hormones + body
  • Create + execute a plan that is right for you  and feels absolutely doable + sustainable
  • Feel happier, more confident, + more comfortable in your own body

Whether you’re just starting to feel the whispers of perimenopause, or you’re in the thick of it, it’s not too late to understand how to nourish your body and mind for the rest of your life.


"In a matter of weeks, Peaceful Perimenopause helped me make lifestyle changes that I'd been wanting to make for years"

In just a matter of weeks, Peaceful Perimenopause helped me make lifestyle changes that I'd been wanting to make for years but hadn't been able to implement on my own.

The program combines compassion, science-based information, concrete and very "doable" steps, and weekly accountability--For me, it proved to be the perfect formula for making big impact changes!

Mary Q.

"Allison's approach was very much about letting each woman find their own insights"

I have taken other courses where I felt overwhelmed by the content and the expertise of the leader. It was all about what the leader did and following in their steps. Allison’s approach was very much about letting each woman find their own insights and goals with the information and knowledge to support us.

Since joining Peaceful Perimenopause, I’m feeling so much stronger! I loved the exercise videos, I’m pushing myself in a way that feels safe and challenging.

Kelly R.





Module one

Demystifying the Next Chapter of the Rest of Your Life

  • The truth about perimenopause... it’s not what you think
  • What’s behind your symptoms so you can begin to tackle them
  • How to start asking the right questions that will lead to real change
  • The simplest way to go from chaos to a peaceful perimenopause

Module two

Creating a Relationship with Stress

  • Why Stress is the most fundamental challenge to this phase of life
  • What your current relationship with stress is + how it affects your health
  • The key to your success (and sanity) when it comes to stress
  • How to create a personalized stress management plan + toolkit

Module three

Be a goal achiever

  • How to stop shoulding yourself so you can find your true why behind your goals
  • The secret that will take you from contemplation to action
  • A step-by-step plan to set, implement + crush your goals
  • Why planning for setbacks is the best way to stay on track

Module four

The missing midlife puzzle piece

  • Why support and asking for help is imperative to your health + wellbeing
  • How to create your personal web of support for a joyful life
  • Why current systems are failing women and how to find the help you need
  • How to build your midlife health support team: who to turn to for help 

Module five

Peaceful Nights

  • The truth behind what is keeping you awake (it’s not what you think)
  • What you’re doing (or not doing) that could be sabotaging your sleep
  • How to fall asleep, stay asleep + wake up recharged
  • The 5 essential sleep hacks for a peaceful nights sleep

Module six

Fueling Your Body for Perimenopause

  • Why how you eat, not what you eat, could make all the difference
  • The secret to sustainable nourishment so you can ditch fad diets for good
  • How to set yourself up for success by uncovering your meal plan profile
  • Simple strategies, recipes, and resources to keep you motivated + satiated

Module seven

Don't let the old lady in

  • The deep benefits of movement for midlife so you can lead a strong, active life
  • Why exercise is vital for maintaining brain, heart + bone health after menopause
  • The right kind of exercise for a peaceful perimenopause so you can stop wasting time with what’s not working
  • 4 essential movement series for a stronger you that you can do right in your living room in under 30 minutes

On top of all of that, you're also going to get bonus access to support + resources to enhance your success.

let's dive into your bonuses

Activating Your Rest + Digest Response Bundle

Stress is the most fundamental challenge facing women in perimenopause. It can affect all aspects of your life and fuel perimenopause symptoms.

In this bundle, you’ll find several short meditations that can help quiet the mind, ease anxiety and help you fall asleep faster. It also includes a tutorial so you can activate your rest + digest response whenever and wherever you are!

$97 value

The Ultimate Perimenopause Resource Bundle

This bundle will take you from feeling stuck to clear action without the overwhelm. 

The Guide includes resources like where to find a menopause-trained practitioner, tried and trusted products and my go-to book recs so you can skip the black hole of the Google search and get the answers you need. 

This bundle also includes a pelvic floor master class, 7 printable checklists for common perimenopause symptom hacks, a 35-page recipe book, and access to 4 guided mobility and exercise routines all designed exclusively for this course!

$297 value

Vitalizing Veggies Cookbook

A cookbook guaranteed to "Up Your Intake" of veggies and tantalize your tastebuds. Full of easy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

The cookbook not only includes 30 recipes but the why behind them. It shares the proven benefits of vegetables to help you master midlife and your hormones.

$27 value





You’re protected with our 100% risk-free money back guarantee

I’m fully confident that the value this program will bring to your health far outweighs the price. However, I understand that it may feel daunting to invest before you see the inside of the program. For that reason, I offer a 30-Day no-risk refund policy.

Join Peaceful Perimenopause today, and if in 30 days, you don't feel you’ve received the value of the program, just email [email protected]. Show us you’ve completed all the assignments and we’ll give you your money back, no further questions asked. 

"I feel like I am standing at the beginning of a new path"

Peaceful Perimenopause helped me understand all of the moving pieces of the midlife puzzle. Since completing the program, I have been taking steps to create a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. I feel like I am standing at the beginning of a new path. I now spend my days feeling energized, mentally & physically.

Delaine B.

"Peaceful Perimenopause dramatically improved my life"

Peaceful Perimenopause dramatically improved my life. Small changes have made a big difference for me…I’m healthier and happier and don’t feel I have to settle into having a life full of annoying symptoms.

I had previously been resigned to accepting an inactive lifestyle and felt inadequate. No more! I now have the tools and knowledge to support myself. I’m exercising more, have lost 16 pounds, I’m eating better and sleeping better.

Vicki B.

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There has never been a better time to learn and understand how to nourish your body and mind for the rest of your life..

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If you’re ready to hit the reset button on your health and start achieving the results you’ve been looking for, I’m holding out my hand waiting for you to grab on.

There’s nothing I’d love more than to cheer you on and welcome you inside of Peaceful Perimenopause.

You CAN do it. With the right mindset, with the right tools, and the right support, you can transform your life. And I’m here, along with a community of amazing health-conscious women like you, to support you along the way.


Join us now and learn how you can feel happier, more confident, and more comfortable in your body!