Join me for a Retreat for Women in their 40’s + 50’s to help you navigate this transition with resilience and ease so you can go from feeling exhausted, moody, and frustrated to feeling more energized, present, and joyful.

December 2, 2023 from 9am-1pm at Rosemont Wellness Center in Portland, Maine


Understanding the Change

We'll delve into the when, how, and the WTF?! of perimenopause and menopause helping you gain a deeper understanding of what's happening in your body and mind during this phase of life.

Practical Tools

You'll practice and walk away with a toolbox of practical strategies to manage perimenopause symptoms, from mood swings to hot flashes, designed to fit seamlessly into your daily life.

Building Resilience

Explore techniques to enhance emotional well-being, promote mindfulness, and foster self-compassion as you navigate the emotional ups and downs of perimenopause.

Nutrition + Movement

Discover the power of nutrition and exercise in supporting your well-being during perimenopause and receive guidance on making sustainable changes that you can keep up with. 

Empowerment + Connection

Leave this retreat with a renewed sense of self, armed with knowledge and confidence to thrive through this change and connect with like-minded individuals on similar journeys.

Join us on Saturday, December 2nd from 9am - 1pm at Rosemont Wellness Center in Portland, Maine!

“Before working with Allison I was tired all the time but couldn't figure out why. I just didn't feel like my typical self. I had tried many things but nothing was working. Then I found Allison and everything started to click.”

Perimenopause Coaching Client

Facilitated by Allison Poole, PT, MPT, WHC, owner of Koru Physical Therapy and Wellness. Allison takes a modern approach to women's hormone and pelvic health by taking the hard work and confusion out of caring for your body.
She combines her 20 years of clinical expertise, compassion and personal experience to help women thrive, moving beyond the hormone hacks so you can truly take care of yourself and feel comfortable in your body in a lasting, sustainable way for decades to come! 

Join us now and learn how you can feel happier, more confident, and more comfortable in your body!

Pelvic Health and Perimenopause Coaching
Portland, ME